'Ode' bracelet- Nov 2003

'Iceberg' ring- Oct 2005

Ode To The Right Angle
sterling silver cuff bracelet

Recipient of a Merit Award
at the
2003 National Post Design Exchange

Sterling silver cuff bracelet Ode to the Right Angle, designed by Niki Kavakonis,
received a Merit Award Thursday November 27 2003 at the National Post Design Exchange
Gala Dinner, which celebrates the best of Canadian design nationally.

Inspired by some of celebrated architect Frank O. Gehry's most famous buildings, including the
Frederick R. Weisman Art and Teaching Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota 1990-93, and
the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain 1997-2000, Ode encompasses the full cyclical
evolution of architecture, from man's basic instinct to seek shelter (when stood on its end,
a tiny figure is revealed, seeking shelter under a cantilevered canopy), to his newest desire to
push the boundaries of non-linear architecture.

For the last 6,000 years architecture has been built on the principles of the right angle, and it
is only in recent years that technology has allowed architects to realize the full extent of
their imaginations. Gehry's buildings exemplify this movement.

Ode is additionally novel because, while wearable, it is also fully sculptural. When sitting,
as in the photo above, it has an uncanny resemblance to the entranceway of Gehry's recently
completed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California 2003. When Ode is not
being worn, a myriad of enjoyable angles reveal themselves, whether it is sitting, or balancing
on end, as it is designed to do. Universally appealing, these miniature sculptural qualities
can be enjoyed, regardless of gender. Comes complete with a Baltic Birch pedestal box.

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