'Ode' bracelet- Nov 2003

'Iceberg' ring- Oct 2005

New from Niki Kavakonis Designs, Toronto, is this uniquely designed Tip of the Iceberg ring, featuring a rarity from Canada’s frozen north, a 2.02ct natural uncut diamond, invisibly set into 18kt white gold.

Crisp and clean in design, the setting for the octahedral diamond crystal is cantilevered over the main shaft of the ring.

Originally launched at The Northern Lights Exhibition featuring Bjorn Weckstrom, Design Exchange, Summer 2005, this design is now available through Zilberschmuck Art Jewellery.

For more information contact www.nikikavakonisdesigns.com or visit Zilberschmuck Art Jewellery, 1852 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, www.zilberschmuck.com



Tip of the Iceberg, 2.02ct uncut Canadian diamond crystal, 18k white gold                     --   Photo by digitalbydesign.ca




all designs copyright niki kavakonis designs 2000-2005 all rights reserved
all designs copyright niki kavakonis designs 2000-2017 all rights reserved

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