Articles written by Niki Kavakonis (selected).

'A look at unusual diamond cuts', Jewellery Business magazine, December 2007.

'Opening the doors to jewellery's past (Don Stuart)', Jewellery Business magazine, October 2007.

'Ammolite: only in Canada you say?', Jewellery Business magazine, June 2007.

'Exhibit explores the art of Italian jewellery', Jewellery Business magazine, December 2006.

* 'Björn Weckström, sculpting in miniature.' Metalsmith, summer 2006.

'The World of Weckstrom', Jewellery Business magazine, December 2005 .

'Bernd Munsteiner: Reflections in Stone'. Book Review, Jewellery Business, Debut issue August 2005.

'Takuminaqtut: Looking at the Beautiful'. Exhibition Review, Metalsmith, Summer 2005.

'Van McKenzie's 'Elements'. Exhibition Review. Metalsmith, Fall 2003.


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