"An ambassador for Canada's natural miracles."
                              World One Journal, Germany, January 2007

Tip of the Iceberg ring.

A wonder of the Canadian landscape is showcased in
this design: a natural, uncut 2.02ct octahedral diamond from the Ekati mine in the
Northwest Territories, set in 18k white gold. Canadian diamonds have been dated
to being formed 3.5 billion years ago.

Octahedron diamond crystals are the most desirable shape nature creates. The diamond has
been selected for its size, colour, shape, and natural triangular surface facets, called "trigons".
The setting itself is innovative: no claws have been used to hold the diamond in place,
preserving the illusion that it is floating along a very still surface.

The cantilevered part has been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's marvel of modern architecture, Fallingwater. Wright felt the cantilever was the most romantic and free of all structural principles. It was the essential expression of human tenure on earth, the "true earth-line of human life, indicative of freedom."

Launched at the 'Northern Lights Exhibition featuring Bjorn Weckstrom’, Design Exchange, Toronto, summer 2005. Northern Lights catalogue entry.

Following its inclusion in The Nature of Diamonds tour of
North America, 2008-2010, editions of Tip of the Iceberg ring
will feature a Canadian uncut, natural diamond crystal from
the Ekati mine, inscribed and certified. Beautiful and crystal clear.
A true rarity!

18k white gold, 2.02 ct uncut Canadian octahedral diamond (size of diamond may vary).
Exhibition edition in Palladium

'The Nature of Diamonds' at the Royal Ontario Museum, Notable.tv, March 2009.

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