Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly.
Web of Deceit cuff bracelet.

Enticing. Dangerous. Deadly.

Based on the early 19th century moralizing children's poem by Mary Howitt, the first lines of which are now frequently quoted as an aphorism.

It is the unforgiving reputation of the diminutive black widow spider that she devours her partner after mating.

The Web of Deceit cuff bracelet is a cobweb of sorts, wrapping over both the wearer’s arm, and her ‘prey’, when she embraces it.

Research has shown that, in nature, some male black widow spiders can assess from the chemical and structural architecture of the web, whether the female is going to cannibalize them or not.

Sterling silver.

Each cuff bracelet is woven of 85 parts. With a little creative knitting on the part of the spider.

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