Ode to the Right Angle sterling silver cuff bracelet, encompases the cyclical nature
of architectural history and development, from the need to seek shelter (a tiny
figure stands under the cantilevered canopy), to the desire to push the
boundaries of structure.

Self-balancing, when on its side the tiny figure is revealed. When sitting, the bracelet
bears an uncanny resemblance to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Inspired in part by the non-linear architecture of Frank O. Gehry. Ode functions equally
well as desktop sculpture.

In 2003 Ode received a Merit Award at the National Post Design Exchange Awards.
In 2006 it was featured in the AGO's Frank Gehry: Art + Architecture Exhibition Shop.
Included in the Architecture as Ornament exhibition, June 2007.

Sterling silver.

all designs copyright niki kavakonis designs 2000-2017 all rights reserved

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